Changing Leaves

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While winter has fully (and I mean fully) arrived in Calgary this week, Rye and I managed to catch a few photos of fall before the snow completely set in. It was nice to be able to walk around and enjoy the colours without having to bundle up in a ton of layers. While I still prefer summer, I will definitely take fall over the snow that does not seem to want to stop falling in Calgary. In the meantime, I am glad that I am bundled up inside classrooms for the foreseeable future.


Skipping Fall


A few weeks ago Rye and I headed into the mountains to get some more coveted shots of Moraine Lake before they close the road for the year. To our surprise, there was already a plethora of snow blanketing the roads and the mountains. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love the mountains in the snow (it is probably one of the most beautiful sites there is and also so iconically Canadian), but it is not a site I want to see in mid-September. Is anyone else as sad as I am about the sudden end of summer?

Winter Blues


I am a fan of summer, I do not think there is a person in this world who will dispute that. My friend and I used to spend our University study sessions joking around how we were island girls and the cold was just not for us (this was done with a coffee in hand staring at the massive snow piles). This year, I am back in Calgary for the first full winter in years and without a trip to somewhere warm at that. Previously, I was away at school in Vancouver and before that in Nova Scotia, so the extreme cold was something both myself and my body forgot about completely.

Snowy Days

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My favourite part about late fall is that in the mountains it becomes winter a lot faster. There is nothing more calming for me than being surrounded by hundreds of mountains and crisp snowy air. While I know for many the first signs of snow brings anxiety to many as they know the cold winter days are ahead, but I could not be happier when I finally see it falling from the sky. I guess I am one for extremes (hot or cold).

Fall Sunflowers

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The other day Rye and I went exploring in our own city … okay we actually went to a Corn Maze that had been destroyed (something we did not realize until after getting there). We decided to make the best of it and explore around anyways. What could have been a bit of a let down, turned into an absolutely amazing time. It’s days like these that remind me that you can always make the best of a bad situation and turn it into something great, it just needs to be a conscious choice.

Pumpkin Smoke

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With Halloween creeping even closer, its hard not to get swept up in all of the magic. Houses slowly become transformed into a more haunting form, candy fills the shelves of stores (and cupboards in my home), and people slowly begin to bring out their full force creativity to change themselves for one night. Maybe it was spending this past weekend in a Haunted Hotel or finally having Halloween plans for the first time in years, but this year I am more excited than ever for the haunted holiday to begin (and that is saying something because I have always loved Halloween).