Wandering Into Fall

pumpkin (2 of 9)

Fall is officially in full force and with it comes the crisp walks on crunchy leaves. I will admit there are certain aspects I do like about this season, for example: big blanket scarves and half off my head toques (that’s Canadian for beanie). Fall also means that it will soon be acceptable for me to pull out my Christmas sweaters and light peppermint candles (because yes, this year, I am feeling like one of those obnoxious people). But more than anything, fall for me, is a time of reflection on what is, was and what may be.


Last of Summer



With summer officially coming to a close, I can’t help but reminisce about the sunny days not too long ago. It has been gloomy and raining all week in Calgary and I am coming to accept that fall may actually be here. While there are some upsides (mainly the fact that I am able to push through my summer reading list left untouched for four months in a quarter of the time), I am already missing warm careless days at the lake and long lunches in the sun. Can we just delay the “real” world a bit longer haha?

Coffee Break



Sometimes life can be rough or hit us hard, but it is how we cope and rise above during these times of adversity that teach us the most. We are all icebergs only revealing a portion to the world and each person is fighting a battle harder than we know. Lets all be kind, compassionate and helpful towards our neighbours this week!

Take a break, grab a coffee and enjoy this intermission from the daily grind!

Weekend Trio

Happy Monday.

This past week was spent battling off a migraine that latched in for quite awhile, so I was glad to finally be out of the house this weekend. It seems that fall is popping up more and more, making me sad and missing summer already. I will just have to look forward to the snow frosted days soon enough and the first signs of spring months from now. In the meantime I have been keeping busy and partaking in some fall activities, as it is inevitable with it being Ryan’s favourite season.

Beautiful Flowers in Fall Tones

No Way to 5K

I have mentioned it a few times before, but running for me is a release and a time when I am free from the world to be with myself, in the moment. Over the span of my running career I have completed countless races from 5k to half-marathons, with the looming Marathon a soon to be achieved goal of mine. However, I was not always a runner and there was a time in my life when the thought of running 5k seemed impossible to me. I even specifically remember telling a friend of mind that no way in H E Double Hockey Sticks would I ever run a couple km’s never mind 5k. But here I am, a crazy insane lover of running and I have never looked back.