Pumpkin Smoke

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With Halloween creeping even closer, its hard not to get swept up in all of the magic. Houses slowly become transformed into a more haunting form, candy fills the shelves of stores (and cupboards in my home), and people slowly begin to bring out their full force creativity to change themselves for one night. Maybe it was spending this past weekend in a Haunted Hotel or finally having Halloween plans for the first time in years, but this year I am more excited than ever for the haunted holiday to begin (and that is saying something because I have always loved Halloween).


Lazy Days


There are definitely those days (or sometimes weeks, maybe months … years?) where nothing seems to go right. This week has been one of them. And what is there to do when you are so emotionally wrapped up in something that your brain is clouded by all logical judgment. Being torn by your heart and brain is a very difficult thing, especially when the gravity of the situation is so large. Call me a delayer of solving problems, but it is during these times I find that laughter is my best cure (mostly because I have a twisted sense of humour) and laying back, relaxing and enjoying time with friends and fam jam. Then I am able to remove myself from the situation and come back with a clear mind and heart. So here are some photos of me in my relaxed state, trying to ignore all life decisions.

Fall Hiking

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There is something peaceful about being out in nature with just the fresh air and your hiking companion. Being from Calgary, I am so blessed to have the mountains at my backdoor and it has created an obsession with these rocks that I hope never goes away. Nothing like massive trees and and jagged peaks to remind you just how small you are on this big earth we call home.

Wandering Into Fall

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Fall is officially in full force and with it comes the crisp walks on crunchy leaves. I will admit there are certain aspects I do like about this season, for example: big blanket scarves and half off my head toques (that’s Canadian for beanie). Fall also means that it will soon be acceptable for me to pull out my Christmas sweaters and light peppermint candles (because yes, this year, I am feeling like one of those obnoxious people). But more than anything, fall for me, is a time of reflection on what is, was and what may be.

Last of Summer



With summer officially coming to a close, I can’t help but reminisce about the sunny days not too long ago. It has been gloomy and raining all week in Calgary and I am coming to accept that fall may actually be here. While there are some upsides (mainly the fact that I am able to push through my summer reading list left untouched for four months in a quarter of the time), I am already missing warm careless days at the lake and long lunches in the sun. Can we just delay the “real” world a bit longer haha?

Mormon Row


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During a recent road trip to Yellowstone National Park, I found myself in front of what may be the most famous barn in the USA: Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park (something I did not know existed being from Canada). Having known we were going to stop here on the way to our final destination, I couldn’t help ruining a few of Ryan’s landscape photos for my own selfish gain. I think the result was pretty spectacular … not to be the self-loving narcissist or anything.