Running Apps To Keep You Motivated

There are two types of runners in this world, those that go out with just their shoes and enjoy nature (I strive to be more like this type of runner one day) and those that use technology to the max for their run. I myself (unfortunately) fall more often than not in the latter category. It is not that I do not enjoy running, but I get very much in the mind frame of trying to track every single aspect of my run so that I can know, what is working, where to improve and what I most want to focus on in the upcoming runs.



April Loves

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I am now convinced that 2018 is going to be the year that flies by because I have no idea where the first four months went, nevermind April (I have yet to determine if this is a good thing or bad).

April itself was an amazing month, minus the cold that latched in for a few weeks (but hey I got to catch up on a lot of Netflix so it was not a total loss). I was able to finally escape winter and go on Vacation with Rye. When we returned the weather began to warm up and dare I say it, spring may actually be here! And it was my birthday, which normally I avoid, but turning 25 was a big one for me. I also spent a lot of the month brainstorming and making some changes here on the blog, that are partially visible now, with more rolling out in the coming months. I am happy to say there are some great things coming that I am SO excited for!

What’s in my Gym Bag?

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When I first started frequently going to the gym I found it interesting to see what people brought with them and searched the web for examples of what to bring. This really was mostly for my own gym-going benefit so I would not seem like an entire noob at the gym (though honestly, I am sure no one even noticed me now thinking back to it).

Getting Back Into It

Happy 2018! With every new year comes plans, goals, and resolutions for a better year to come. Often times these are paired with living a healthier lifestyle and trying to improve one’s life in general. Now if anyone is like me, they will retreat inside at the first sight of cold and cut off all outdoor activity (unless it is in the mountains of course, which let’s face it is not always doable working 8-5 weekdays ). For me, from spring to fall it is easy to stay motivated and get outside, but once the cold hits my running takes a long-term hiatus or hibernation as I like to call it.


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Here are some of my tips and tricks for staying motivated and getting back into exercising after some time off:

No Way to 5K

I have mentioned it a few times before, but running for me is a release and a time when I am free from the world to be with myself, in the moment. Over the span of my running career I have completed countless races from 5k to half-marathons, with the looming Marathon a soon to be achieved goal of mine. However, I was not always a runner and there was a time in my life when the thought of running 5k seemed impossible to me. I even specifically remember telling a friend of mind that no way in H E Double Hockey Sticks would I ever run a couple km’s never mind 5k. But here I am, a crazy insane lover of running and I have never looked back.