Garden Planning Tips


One of my favorite parts of gardening is the planning process. Every year around Early to Mid-April I begin figuring out what exactly I am going to plant this year in the Garden and break out my spreadsheet to start filling it in for the season. This is my time to reflect back on last years season and try to fix or better my garden this year. It also just, in general, gets me excited for summer and garden fresh vegetables.


April Loves

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I am now convinced that 2018 is going to be the year that flies by because I have no idea where the first four months went, nevermind April (I have yet to determine if this is a good thing or bad).

April itself was an amazing month, minus the cold that latched in for a few weeks (but hey I got to catch up on a lot of Netflix so it was not a total loss). I was able to finally escape winter and go on Vacation with Rye. When we returned the weather began to warm up and dare I say it, spring may actually be here! And it was my birthday, which normally I avoid, but turning 25 was a big one for me. I also spent a lot of the month brainstorming and making some changes here on the blog, that are partially visible now, with more rolling out in the coming months. I am happy to say there are some great things coming that I am SO excited for!

March Loves

2018-04-01 01.04.30 1[22559].jpg

Wow, I can’t believe we are already a quarter way through the year. Is it just me, or does everyone else feel like the winter months just blend together and form one big cold time-block? This year especially felt this way. A lot of changes did happen over the last month or so though. I left my job for one and started to enact a new life plan and a path to follow (very excited and more on this later). 2018 so far has been a big year of bringing around change and it is making me excited for what else is to come!

January Loves

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Happy February! With the first month gone I have collected some of the items that I truly enjoyed this last month.

Weekend Trio

Happy Tuesday and for all my fellow Canadians out there Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is always one of my favourite holidays because it reminds me to be thankful and grateful for what I have in my life. I am, for the most part, always aware of the amazing things I have been blessed with in my life and do my best to give back to those who have less: whether that be monthly donations, becoming a rematch Santa or simply surprising my loved ones with something special. I am not sure if this year more than most, or the nostalgia of the time spent with family already drifting past, but I am feeling extremely grateful and almost renewed (maybe it was just the extra day off work). Regardless of what it is, I am thankful for so much in my life, both the blessings and the lessons because each one reminds me of what I have and teaches me something that I always need to learn (even if I do not see it at the time).

Falling Leaves in Autumn Fields

Coffee Break



After a long week away, it is nice to settle back in to the craziness of home life, and this week has already been shaping up to be one for the books. I find it is during these weeks more than ever it is best to sit back and take some moments (even if it is just a minute or two a day) for yourself. Mine have been looking out at the changing weather with a coffee in hand.

Take a break, grab a coffee and enjoy this intermission from the daily grind!