Why You Need A Digital Detox

Even If It Is Just For A Day



I will be the first to admit that I can be extremely addicted to my phone. When I wake up in the morning, well most mornings at least, I roll over and check my phone for the time. Lucky for me I am not so popular that I have a ton of missed messages, most of my friends know by now that texting is the wrong way to get ahold of me. But the first thing I do, 9 times out of 10 before I am even out of bed, is to start scrolling through Instagram, checking all the stories and new photos. Then I go through my notifications, my emails and check all the updates on my games (yes, I still play a fair amount of mobile games… will I ever grow up).


January Loves

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Happy February! With the first month gone I have collected some of the items that I truly enjoyed this last month.

Weekend Trio

Happy Belated Monday (otherwise known as Tuesday)!

This past weekend I was able to take a quick break from the city and spend a day surrounded by snow-capped mountains, which trust me does not get much better. For me what makes the long, cold, snowy winters so bearable in Calgary is the chance to get away with something so beautiful & majestic. I often times say that I wonder what it would be like to see them for the first time as an adult and truly be breath-taken by their site, as I no longer remember my first encounter with them.

Wishing everyone a fabulous fall week, and a Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Readers.


Snowy Fall Walks


Weekend Trio

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had an amazing Pre-Halloween weekend and was able to dress up or go out for some haunted fun. Rye and I spent Saturday afternoon being tourists in our own city and then dressed up for some Halloween festivities. It is pretty safe to say that yesterday was a full day of recovery on my end and was a true rest and relaxation day.

Wishing everyone an amazingly haunted week filled with lots of sweet surprises!


Rye & I Dressed up as Jughead & Betty

Weekend Trio

Happy Monday!

I am currently enjoying Mountain Views from the Heart of Banff. I won’t lie, I have worked in worse places in my life, there is no doubt. I am tagging along with my mom for a quick trip to the mountains as she attends the Travel Alberta Conference at the Banff Springs, and I reap the rewards of getting to work while watching the sun rise over the mountains. It is days like today when I am reminded of how blessed I am, for where I live (and how close it is to these beautiful rocks), for the people I am surrounded by and for the life experiences I have had and will continue to have!

Hoping everyone is finding beauty in their Monday also even if it is something small!

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Mountain View From Hotel

Fall Reading List

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I am a terrible reader when it comes to summer. I always have great intentions for cracking open books, but the summer sun seems to lead me to day dreaming and wandering outside. Fall, winter and spring however are my reading havens (probably not the correct use of this word but I have committed to it now). I love to cuddle up in a warm knitted blanket and get lost in the amazing words played out in front of me. Here are a few I have chosen to get into (finally for some) this fall.