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Welcome to Fundamentum


I started this blog a few years ago while in my Undergrad at University as I shared my personal insights on growing up and what it meant to be an adult. Now fully graduated and at the age where you should be full on adulting, I am still finding and following my journey of growing up.

I myself am a Finance and Economics graduate, who studied Fashion Design at Parsons for a short period of time some years ago now. I love candy and hate chocolate (most days). I live for summer and warmer weather, but have chosen to live in a city that seems to be stuck in a perpetual winter. I’m Canadian and surprisingly don’t live in an igloo but I do apologize more than is humanly necessary. Running is my sport and I often find myself signing up for Half-Marathons far to un-trained for them. I love my doggo more than words can describe…, I guess my fam-jam and Rye are included in that love as well. My goals in life change/are achieved daily (family pack bag of chips in one sitting anyone?), but traveling the world is something I’m deeply passionate about (also Rock Art).

I would love for you to follow along with me as I lay a foundation for growing up in my life and share all my experiences along the way. There is bound to be laughter, tears and plenty of mistakes (grammatical and life wise). But more than anything, it will be a tiny corner on the internet for you to join in and share with me on this journey and the things that I love.