Skipping Fall


A few weeks ago Rye and I headed into the mountains to get some more coveted shots of Moraine Lake before they close the road for the year. To our surprise, there was already a plethora of snow blanketing the roads and the mountains. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love the mountains in the snow (it is probably one of the most beautiful sites there is and also so iconically Canadian), but it is not a site I want to see in mid-September. Is anyone else as sad as I am about the sudden end of summer?



I will say this, it is a good thing I am Canadian because it is my only excuse for wearing Birkenstocks hiking (nevermind Birks hiking in the snow). I definitely had a few looks from some tourists who were decked out, hiking poles and all. However, in my Canadian defense, not even I imagined there would be snow here yet and also the hike is more of a casual walk than anything.



Overall it was an amazing day and I am glad we got out one last time for the year. Despite the extremely fast-growing popularity of Moraine Lake, it still remains one of my favorite spots in the world and a Canadian gem for sure. There are few things in this world (even in the snow) that can compare to sitting on some rocks and staring out at the view for hours on end (except next time it snows there I am bringing coffee to keep me warm).


Sweater: Camp Brand Goods, Scarf: Winners, Coat: Lululemon (Similar), Leggings: Lululemon Shoes: Birkenstocks, Socks: Wigwam (Similar)

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9 thoughts on “Skipping Fall

  1. WOOOOOW! Those pictures are stunning, I particularly love the 4th one, it highlights your eyes so beautifully – they’re striking! I once hiked up a pretty steep mountain in flip flops (we decided on it spontaneously) which definitely got me a lot of confused looks by other hikers! So no judgement from me on your choice of footwear haha!

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  2. Like your self I love the Mountains , but I live in the States down in Georgia where ours don’t get the snow on them like you have in your pictures . As far as missing Summer were still in the 90 degree range down here , I am ready for Fall to get here

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    1. It is always interesting to think how vastly different places can be while having geographical similarities. Mountains without snow is definitely a foreign concept to me. I am definitely a warm weather person (not sure why I live in Canada, don’t ask) and am always so sad when fall and winter roll around.

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