Orange Pop


Last week, Rye and I decided to spontaneously go on a picnic. I think we were both bored of sitting at home and eating dinner the same way we always do. And with the weather being so nice, it was hard to pass up the idea of getting out of the house and enjoying nature for an evening. I remember growing up as a kid dreaming about sitting on a gingham blanket and enjoying a meal with my partner out in the sun. I am pretty sure it was every single romantic comedy that came out during that time that made me think it was some sort of relationship milestone or right of passage.


And to add to that, I pictured myself going for picnics all the time. As an adult, I can say that yes picnics are still great, but definitely unrealistic to be picnicking all the time (who has the time for this anyway?).



It is funny the things we dream about as kids as to how our adult life will be. I mean we all know now that the 6-year-old us definitely romanticized a lot of what our future would be (or at least 6-year-old me did). But sometimes it is fun to think back to those moments growing up and our dreams from back then and let our younger selves dictate the things that we do today (even if it is just to fulfill the small picnicking dream of a pig-tailed girl). I mean just because we are “adults” doesn’t mean we can’t still be kids sometimes right?



P.S. My younger self dream of owning a VW van is also still alive and well. Shout-out to the random one Rye and I found on the street.

Top: Mink Pink from Boutique 1861 (very old), Shorts: Winners (Similar), Belt: Asos, Shoes: Keds, Sunglasses: Amazon

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8 thoughts on “Orange Pop

  1. Very lovely photos, you are so beautiful! When I was little I wanted to be Indiana Jones. 🙂 The van is pretty, I buy VW toy vans for my little boy and we would love an orange one.

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