May Favourites

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A little late, but again time seems to be flying by. This past month was filled with so many amazing moments. It was a month of accomplishments, family, and self-care for the most part and brought about new change (as I find spring and May generally does).

I am soon posting a life update that will encompass a lot of this but here is a brief look at the last month. My family celebrated my older brother graduating from University, I was accepted (finally) to return back to school, the warmer weather finally seemed to arrive (and Rye and I managed to make it into the mountains), and we finished a massive project at the cabin (to name a few). I was able (as most Calgarians were) to finally enjoy the nice weather, getting out gardening at my dad’s and finding some plants to spruce up the balcony at home. The summer is already ramping up and I am looking forward to some really great things to come.

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This month seemed to be the month of Stationery for me. I don’t know why but my ongoing obsession seemed to take full force and latch in. I have managed to narrow it down to a few key favourites that I really love (instead of having a full post of just stationery items for my non-loving paper people out there). As always, starting from the top left and working clockwise:

  • Miniso Cork Notebook – I received this as a gift from a Reddit gift exchange and instantly fell in love. I had never heard of the brand Miniso, but have long been a fan of Japanese stationery. This notebook consists of grid paper, blank (brown) paper, card slots and a built-in pencil case all encased in a cork cover.
  • Miniso Mint Pen – Another item from the exchange, this pen writes absolutely beautifully and feels very good in the hand. I also love the accented colours of it. Honestly, for the price point, this may be one of my new go-to’s for stationery.
  • Loreal Nail Polish – Shade: Now You See Me – I have long been a fan of loreal nail polish (ever since I was a kid as it was the nail polish my mom always had) and prefer it over Essie as I feel the staying power is a bit better. This colour is the perfect summer colour that I always search for when the weather starts warming up.
  • Sephora Retractible All-Over Face Brush (Similar) – I bought this back in February or March, but never really got around to using it (typical of my shopping habits). However, I bought it on the cruise back in April and have been obsessed with it since. It is retractable, so it is perfect for travel and is a very dense, but wide brush. I use it mostly with the Fenty beauty blotting powder because I find it gets a large surface area of your face and the flat top makes it perfect for dabbing.
  • Mint Lip Balm – Normally I go for the rose balm, but I decided to test out the mint one instead and have been loving it. Just like the rose, it is very moisturizing but leaves a nice cool balm behind.
  • Burgundy Blue Jays Hat (Similar) – I will admit, I am a huge Red Sox fan, however being a Canadian I felt slightly bad that I never rep my local team and so for my birthday I finally caved and asked for this hat (partially also because I love the burgundy and its atypical nature being an unconventional Jay’s hat). Now I can say I am also a part of the bandwagon, but don’t get me wrong the Sox still hold my heart.
  • Letters To My Future Self – I received this a few years ago on my University Graduation from my mom and started using it back then. I have since rediscovered it and begun filling out more of the letters to save for one day in the future. I love the art of writing letters and look forward to the day when I can read the words of advice to myself or memories I have forgotten.
  • The Little Book of Gratitude – Another gift (wow maybe this is also just a month of gift favourites) that I received from my mom. I read a bit of it every day or whenever I am down to remind my self to stay optimistic. It offers great little reminders about why and what we have to be thankful for and makes a perfect coffee table addition.
  • Floral Purse – This again was a gift from a good friend. I used to have a purse just like this, but it had broke and was looking for a new one ever since. While I was unsure about the colour and pattern as a purse at first (my old one was just a tan), this one is surprisingly wearable and makes a good conversation piece. I have also had many compliments on it and it is the perfect design/style for summer.

What are some of the items that you loved this month?


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