Attempting A No Spend Summer

A little while back I did a post about how I stopped buying clothes for 2 months. Since then I have noticed that my clothing shopping has seriously been reduced and I am no longer constantly drawn to the mall or stores to buy more stuff to fill my closet. Instead, I have found myself focusing more and more on only getting items that are needed or complete a well-rounded closet. I also have somehow managed to continue to donate or sell off items of clothing over the past few months (yes I have that many items of clothing in my closet).


Because of the positive impact, a few months without clothing shopping has made in my life, I have decided to take on a bigger (and maybe even dare I say it) crazier challenge. I am going to (attempt… but hopefully succeed) to do a summer without buying “things”.

A little history on me first. I am an absolute summer fiend. I love warm weather and instantly feel better the second the days start getting longer and warmer. I also have, predominently for most of my life either had the summer’s off (from school) or worked full time. This in turn has translated to summer being a large output of cash for me, due to free time and just having an income. I normally feel the need to have a full new summer wardrobe, that, let’s be honest is only wearable for two-three months in Calgary. It is also a time when I largely splurge on new and exciting things, because I have more time/money to look around and buy, that I really honestly do not need (or end up using all that much). Do I really need another pair of sunglasses to add to my already too large collection? Or the massive pool float for the pool I do not have and will likely be blown up and used once?


This summer, I want to make a deeper connection and focus on really enjoying the warm weather; soaking up every moment before the cold sets in agian. This year, for me that means not worrying about filling my life with items that I really don’t need and instead putting that money towards experiences, or just coming away from this summer with a bit of extra cash-o-la in my pocket. When I think back to all the summers and what made them amazing, it was hanging on the boat with friends until the sun goes down or enjoying a some beers on the patio. It definitely was not the $150 dress I was wearing, that yes I do love but honestly could have done without.

So what do I mean when I say I am not going to buy anything. Well first off, I still need to buy and spend money on the essentials: food, housing and bills (though I would really love to just knock off those last two, growing up sucks!). I also want to have money to enjoy “experiences”: aka going for lunch with friends, an outdoor show in the park, maybe the quick roadtrip/camping adventure to the mountains. What I will be cutting out is all the extras and random buys.

  • Clothes and accessories – I am pretty positive the clothing I have is going to get me through the summer
  • Makeup, skincare, facemasks etc. – Unless the bottle is empty and I absolutely need more, it will not be bought
  • Random pool floats … or pool related anything, why do I do this, I do not have a pool
  • Instagram “enhancing” objects (you know what I am talking about)
  • Summer-party use one time then thow it away never to be seen again items.
  • Books – Which might be the downfall of me, but I have a pile that I need to get through and only until I have read every book in that pile will I allow myself more.
  • Stationery – Seriously, I do not need another notebook or pen and I really have to stop convincing myself that I do

And no other item or items that are just “things”. I am cutting out anything that is not vital to my needs and really is just a random purchase that I can live without.

unicorn water.jpg

Now I am fully aware that this (for me especially) is not going to be easy and I am expecting at least one or two downfalls along the way. But I am really going to try and make a concious effort to cut out the sensless spending in all areas and focus on what truly matters, being present and with the people I love this summer.

I invite anyone and everyone to follow along with me on this journey and even join in to make their summer spendless also.


8 thoughts on “Attempting A No Spend Summer

  1. This is a great idea and I think if I did the same, I could save a lot of money. I’ve recently come to realize that, even though I’m a fashion addict, I really don’t “need” to buy more clothes, so I’ve slowed down on those purchases a lot. Unfortunately, I’ve compensated by buying more video games that I may never get to because my backlog is so large. Perhaps I will try abstaining from all extraneous purchases at some point. You give me something to consider.

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  2. I was once in Calgary (at a rodeo, I think, but the circumstances are a bit fuzzy now) and then, in a mad moment of inspiration, moved to a semi-tropical island, where summer is as ever-present as a verb in a sentence. Here you will find that things are not cheap, as everything needs to be packed carefully into a canoe and sent islandward — with a functioning compass; this raises the cost of doing business. Consequently, to help defray the burgeoning costs ( talented canoe personnel don’t come cheap) one learns to be frugal, having one BMW instead of three, for example. Good luck with your ‘no-spend’ summer. I’m an expert in these matters so feel free to ask away. I’m always available for consultation, unless a hurricane razes the place. But everyone has a cross to bear.

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