Dog Days

This past weekend, Rye and I took a much-needed break from pergola building and tree planting at the cabin to capture some action shots of Achilles. While I pride myself on being a blog of whatever I feel like posting at any given time (and no real structure), I have not really posted the “dug photo-shoots” that we do every so often. So as today is Achilles’ 10th Birthday, I figured what better time than now to start sharing some of these photos (Also if you like doggies then I promise to share more of these posts in the future… if not then I apologize in advance for the overwhelming love and sappiness I have for Achilles that is about to follow).



It is crazy to think that my pupper has been in my life for nearly 10 years and as of today, he has been gracing the earth with his goofiness for a decade. Dog’s are something we are so lucky to have but often the amazing joys we really do not deserve. They are pure, kind and love unconditionally (as long as you give them treats, pets, and toys of course). This pup has been with me through more than I can put words to and brought more joy to my life than I ever thought was possible. I can’t imagine a world without his goofy little face.



Also, I swear he is a Golden and not an overweight Corgi like the next photo would suggest.


Happy Birthday to my Dug (I am sure you follow my blog and can comprehend the words in this post), here are to all the good doggies out there, may we know them, love them and aspire to be them (sorry dog mom getting sappy today).


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