April Loves

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I am now convinced that 2018 is going to be the year that flies by because I have no idea where the first four months went, nevermind April (I have yet to determine if this is a good thing or bad).

April itself was an amazing month, minus the cold that latched in for a few weeks (but hey I got to catch up on a lot of Netflix so it was not a total loss). I was able to finally escape winter and go on Vacation with Rye. When we returned the weather began to warm up and dare I say it, spring may actually be here! And it was my birthday, which normally I avoid, but turning 25 was a big one for me. I also spent a lot of the month brainstorming and making some changes here on the blog, that are partially visible now, with more rolling out in the coming months. I am happy to say there are some great things coming that I am SO excited for!

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This months collection contains gifted items, newly purchased ones and some good ole’ tried and true.

  • Replica Discovery Set for Her (Beach Walk, Lazy Sunday, Jazz Club)- I am a diehard for this fragrance collection and even with the higher price, the scents are probably some of, if not my all time, favorites. In particular, the beach walk scent which reminds me of summers by the lake.
  • Copic Ciao Sea – Rye and I have been on a big drawing spree and getting back into using Copics. For anyone that doesn’t know, these bank-breaking markers (no seriously though, why oh why can’t they be cheaper) are alcohol based and when combined with the right paper can be blended beautifully. This beautiful blue/green/grey set was on sale and I just can’t resist a good blue!
  • Sephora #Lipstories Lipstick in Spring Break – I originally wanted another colour, but after they were sold out everywhere (literally), I was gifted this one instead and honestly I am so glad. It is the most beautiful peachy, summer coral and the formula is extremely moisturizing (though definitely not transfer proof)
  • Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask – I am not sure if I have mentioned this mask before, but again (or still I should say) I am loving it and honestly don’t know why I ever stray from it. My skin has been out of whack with the weather change, stress and being sick, that this mask has been a lifesaver in getting it back to normalcy.
  • Taste of Home Farm to Table Magazine – Now that we are almost into gardening season, this magazine has been offering a ton of inspiration for tasty ideas to try out with my fall harvest and helping me narrow in on what exactly I want to plant this year (beyond my tried and true’s).
  • FiggyPops Tart Cherry Fig – After a long month of eating pure junk food (can someone please tell me why I always do this to myself?), I am again going back to a paleo based lifestyle and these energy balls are SO GOOD. They are my go-to snacking while I wean myself back off of sugar and junk!! They taste like yummy tart cherry bliss and actually fill you up!
  • Blackwing Starting Point Set – For anyone new to the Blackwing world (like I was recently) all I can say is, once you try it you will never go back to a regular pencil. Yes, these pencils are SO extra, but if you are a stationery lover like me then you need to try them because they are so good! It is like writing with a pen but in pencil form that never breaks.
  • Sloth Magnetic Bookmarks – These cute little guys were one of the many sloth gifts I received (and in order to not seem sloth crazy I had to pick only one) and so perfect because if anyone knows me then they know that I use receipts as bookmarks. They also know that I, at any given moment, have about 5 books on the go and consistently lose track of where I am so having lots to place in books, journals and daytimers is perfect.
  • Tea Scoop – Okay, I really do feel like this was the month of extra (I promise next month will be back to my down-to-earth, non-flexing self) and this tea-spoon is right there with it. But I honestly do use it every single time I have tea (which again is replacing my #junklife) and really I just love the colour.
  • Garmin Forerunner 235 – Every race season I fall back in love with my Garmin watch and get excited to go out running just to use it. While it is a few years old now it is still just as good as the day I bought it and the newly updated app is perfect! When I got serious about racing and training this watch was a huge game changer because it records everything from distance, elevation to heart rate. Also, Garmin connects with Strava which is another amazing running community and app that I love using.


What were some of the items you were loving this month?


One thought on “April Loves

  1. Love the healing clay. It’s really good for acne…I’ve been using it for 2 years now + and I make my mask with Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe Vera Juice. It also makes a good hair mask with a little tea tree oil.

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