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French Jewelry Subscription Box

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I came across this monthly subscription service a little bit ago now while randomly scrolling through Instagram’s related to some jewelry accounts I follow. I had no intention of signing up (even temporarily) for a subscription service and I definitely have never really been overly interested in the monthly Jewelry services because I am fairly picky about what I do or do not like. I did not fully research Emma & Chloe beyond what was on their website (this is very odd for me as normally I want to know everything about something before subscribing), but the information they had was enough to hook me into trying it.

I decided to sign up for one month, on a month to month basis, to test it out and see if it was something I liked or would ever try again. And now, having received my first month, here are my thoughts on the service.


Concept 4/5

This subscription box has a bit different of a concept from the ones that I have previously seen when it comes to jewelry. However, with that said I have never really looked hard into jewelry subscriptions before. This in total is the 5th subscription service I have signed up for and may be my favourite concept yet.

Emma & Chloe features a single item each month from a French designer. They work closely with the designer to create a unique piece that is only available for subscribers and also offer a discount (20%) for subscribers to get even more unique pieces from their shop. This does mean though that you cannot choose which item you will receive (you can choose between colour preference and post/clip earrings).

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Site 4/5

I love the site! Though to be fair, anything with a simple or minimalistic style and flowers are automatically loved by me, so it was not difficult at all. Beyond the style, they have a fair bit of information about what they are offering and it is clear what you are getting yourself into.

The site features subscription area, which clearly outlines the pricing and plans, a gift area and an E-Shop so you can separately own some more pieces. You can also view their past boxes to get more of an idea of the styles of jewelry you will likely receive.


Shipping 5/5

Shipping was really good. First, it is FREE for all subscriptions (even month to month), which being Canadian is a huge relief. Second, they cover all import/duty taxes and fees, again, huge relief because I have been dinged by those on multiple occasions. Time wise, it took 12 business days from the time I ordered it and 7 business days from the date of shipment. They do have a US site and so I would assume that US shipping is even faster and probably the same would go for Europe.

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Quality 5/5

As I had hoped from reading about their design process and viewing the previous boxes, the Quality is great and what you would expect from a mid-high range item purchased from other jewelry shops. For the month of March, Emma & Chloe shipped out a bracelet by French Designer Tania Zerdok. Mine was silver, however, you could also receive it in Gold (I had my colour preference as either silver or gold). It is a banded/weaved style metal with an open back that is bendable, which for me is great because I have tiny wrists that closed bracelets are always too big for. The item itself contains three Mother of Peal gems that came with a certificate of Authenticity, something I was very pleasantly surprised to see.


Style 3/5

The item is very beautiful and well crafted. It is not something that I would pick out for myself in a store as I usually don’t gravitate towards bracelets and not normally ones that are on the wider side (I usually go for dainty chains except for my charm bracelet); this one is ~1Inch maybe a bit less. However, after trying it on, it is a piece that I do quite like and one that I believe will grow on me, especially with the Mother of Pearl accents. It is beautifully made and designed, something I truly appreciate and I understand that you will not always be head over heels in love with what you are sent, especially in a subscription service.

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Value 5/5

The subscription service ranges from $35USD/month (month to month) to $29USD/month (annual). This price includes the item (which comes with a pamphlet about the designer and other trends if that is important), shipping and duties/taxes. This particular month, the item was valued at $90USD and a similar piece from Tania Zerdok herself would cost nearly $150USD. This to me is a great value for unique jewelry finds.


Overall 4.3/5

All in all, I really liked the subscription box and experience from Emma & Chloe. I believe it is a great way to discover new Jewelry designers as well as get well-made pieces for a fraction of the price. I am going to continue to subscribe for another month and see if I still like the next piece before committing to a full year, especially when I am partial to the items I really love. I believe it is something worth checking out if you have been on the search for a unique jewelry subscription service.

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After subscribing to them, Emma & Chloe supplied me with a referral link that gives others a Free* Month with a New Subscription (*$10USD Shipping). If this subscription service is something you are interested in trying out I am happy to share the link with you, just comment below!


Note: I have not been asked to write this review or given the subscription for free. These are all my own honest opinions and my own money spent on the service. 



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