March Loves

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Wow, I can’t believe we are already a quarter way through the year. Is it just me, or does everyone else feel like the winter months just blend together and form one big cold time-block? This year especially felt this way. A lot of changes did happen over the last month or so though. I left my job for one and started to enact a new life plan and a path to follow (very excited and more on this later). 2018 so far has been a big year of bringing around change and it is making me excited for what else is to come!

This month I am loving a small collection of things, so starting from the bottom left corner and working my way around:

  • Cardamom French Toast – I picked this tin up randomly as part of a 3 for deal and have fallen in love. I am usually not a “food-flavoured” tea person, but this one is so deliciously warm. It reminds me of dewy mornings camping when I was a kid and yummy cinnamon french toast. It has become a pretty much every-single-night-before-bed tea.
  • Origin Matte Moisturizer – I officially am attributing every single good skin make-up day to this moisturizer. A few years ago my skin decided to reject pretty much every moisturizer out there; all of them making my skin extremely oily even under matte primer. This has been a godsend in actually making my skin look good and I can’t believe I am just now discovering it!
  • Necklace – Late last year, Rye found this beautiful rock by his house and gifted it to me. Now, he has turned it into a necklace so that I can bring it with me/wear it every day instead of having it just sit on the dresser.
  • Greycian Goddess Nail Polish – I originally discovered this colour a few years ago during my X-Ring Ceremony at University. And I have again fallen in love with the subtle neutral blueish grey tone in this polish. Both refined and so feminine.
  • Milani Must-Have Neutrals – I actually bought this palette for an upcoming trip but have found myself using it almost every single day beforehand instead. The pigment and blendability of the shadows are so good, especially at the price-point.
  • Butter Bronzer – It is shocking to me that I have never been a bronzer person because now that I am using it, I do not know if I will ever go back. This one has been great in introducing myself to the bronzing world and the smell reminds me of a tropical vacation.
  • Coty Airspun – When I first got this a few months ago, I could not believe the smell. It was identical to the setting powder my grandma used to keep in her compact when I was a kid. This for me was an instant selling point, but beyond that, it works WONDERS!
  • Terrarium – It is somehow shocking and not at all surprising at the same time that it took until March for my best friend and me to finally exchange Christmas gifts (okay for her to give me hers because I forgot mine for probably the hundredth time). But it was worth the wait because she gave me the most beautiful little terrarium that I am now concerned I am going to kill during my upcoming vacation. None the less I love it.
  • Pomegranate Peony Candle – This candle is by far my favourite spring scent. It is so fresh, not too floral and with a hint of sweet/sour (at the same time). It reminds me of my cabbage patch kid growing up and spending time in the garden during spring (if it will ever come).
  • Frankieย – There is no secret that I love a good magazine. I have my entire life enjoyed reading short articles compiled together on a single topic. However, since growing up (a bit more) I have turned to magazines that add depth and expansion to my everyday life. Frankie is one of those. The magazine is beautifully curated and focuses on artsy and witty content that keeps you flipping till it is done.


What have you been loving and enjoying over the past month?


8 thoughts on “March Loves

  1. Oh my gosh, I never even thought of putting it that way! March feels so early in the year but you’re right that a quarter of the year has come and gone already. Time has been flying for me as well, especially these past few months of pregnancy (although I fully expect the next 8 weeks to drag by).

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