Candy Coloured Coat


With the snow in Calgary continuing to fall I am starting to come to terms that we may still be in for a few more cold snaps. I normally do not overly mind the winter but this year has seemed to be more brutal than most. It may be the fact that it is the first full winter back in the City in years or that we have reached record snowfalls. At this point, I am counting down the days until I can break out the summer wear again (is it almost vacation time yet?) and trying to keep cozy in sweaters and big scarves.

In the meantime, I have decided to break out my brightest spring candy coloured coat and start rocking shades again because maybe that will trick my mind into thinking it is actually spring (mind over matter right?).ย I am grateful that at least in Calgary the sun is continuing to shine.




Coat: Bershka (Similar), Sunglasses: Amazon, Top: Indie Boutique (Similar)

Photography By: Ryan Derish


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