What’s In My Work Bag?

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I recently wrote about my current job and while I am in the process of looking (and hoping) for a change, I thought it would still be fun to share what I am currently carrying in my bag every day to work. My job entails me being in the downtown core for the majority of the week and as I do have an office, a lot of what I use daily is kept there (I am talking a drawer full of snacks, the true essentials). I always find it interesting to see what others carry with them in their bag, so here is a collection of what I am currently carrying with me.


I bring my work/personal computer with me almost every day. While I do have a separate work computer a lot of my programming software is on this laptop. I always bring my jump drive now after having my computer crash … on more than one occasion. Headphones (similar) are a must for both my commute home and when needing to drown out the sound in the office. Finally, my phone, wallet and keys (similar key card holder) come with me to the office.


My large daytimer remains on my desk at work, but I carry my bullet journal, my main notebook (similar) and some spare notebooks (similar) on me at all times. That way I can jot down a note quickly or remind myself of something that needs to be done. I keep an assortment of my favorite pens (1, 2, 3, 4) and some random ones that I have accumulated over time with me. I also have a few work and personal business cards on me just in case.


My day (and brain) does not start until I have had my first cup of coffee, thanks late university nights. And while I normally will have my first cup at home I still bring a thermos (similar) either filled with my favorite from home or empty to have some at the office. I also always carry my S’well water bottle (and yes I swear by it, even though Rye consistently makes fun of me for it), to make sure I get in my 8 cups a day.


I occasionally touch up my makeup throughout the day especially if I have to run into an important meeting or am meeting friends after work. These essentials (1, 2, 3) make sure I don’t look like I just rolled out of bed (which let’s be honest is some days the case). I also keep some spare lip products, Carmex is my godsend in the winter and some “fancy” ones for grabbing dinner after work. Lotion (similar) is also always with me, and arthritis cream because I am basically an old lady and typing all day takes its toll. I have recently got back into loving scrunchies, one because they remind me of my childhood and two because they do not crease your hair, also bobby pins are always in my arsenal. I also keep a rollerball of one of my favorite scents just in case!


It is still very much winter in Calgary, with I am sure at least one more polar freeze to come. This means bundling up to get to and from the office every day and as any good Canadian does, I keep a spare pair of mittens in my bag so I can grab them when it is especially bone-chillingly cold. Calgary is also one of the sunniest places in the world (even through the cold winters) so sunglasses stay with me at all times. They are also great when I am too tired in the morning to function. Finally, I keep a mini emergency kit with me for anything I am missing or forgot, it has come in handy on more than one occasion.


My bag can be found here. I love it because it has 2 inner pouches for storage; one big (laptop sized) and one small (wallet size). It is also reversible and has held up great over the years (going on 6).


What are some of the essentials that you carry with you in your work bag?


7 thoughts on “What’s In My Work Bag?

  1. I love when women show what’s in their bag! I’m always checking them out to make sure I haven’t forgotten one of the great items you and other women carry with them. Gotta ask, do you like that arthritis cream? Much like you, I’m typing continuously or lifting, and my hands hurt constantly. Always looking to find the brand that works the best. Love your bag, and the “glitter is my favorite color” is too cute!

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  2. I’m a teacher so I always have pens, chapstick, lipgloss, gloves, a small mini-makeup bag of essential oils, mascara, my phone, gum, water bottle, and insulated coffee mug with tea. What roll-on do you normally carry?

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    1. Thank you! Awesome idea, it is definitely something I could share and show how I manage it/make it work for my life. They are really great, especially once you tailor it and do some trial/error to personalize it for your own life. You should definitely start one!


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