January Loves

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Happy February! With the first month gone I have collected some of the items that I truly enjoyed this last month.

January always seems to be a month that flies by as the new year starts off. This year it seemed to especially fly by as I moved in with Rye and we spent most of the month with a to-do list for the new place. I have also decided this year to try and fill my life with things that make me happy or are value-added only (mainly on the clothes front as I am attempting to curb my overgrowing closet and clothing addiction). Therefore I am wanting to post things, that for me, I have loved and thoroughly enjoyed throughout the month (and hopefully will continue to as 2018 progresses).



Each of these items was gifted to me and hold a very special place in my heart.

  • This beautiful Elsa Peretti Necklace from Rye was an amazing surprise. Neither of us has ever been super sentimental gift givers, so receiving this item was beyond exciting for me (I won’t get into it all to find out more go here). While the necklace is beyond stunning and a piece I have wanted for years now, having something that makes me think of him and smile every time I wear it means so much more.
  • For Christmas this year, my best friend gifted me this beautiful Ring with an even better meaning. Each item is ethically produced in India and goes to fund projects for HIV positive children.
  • Another Christmas gift was this extremely soft Scarf that has been well loved and keeping me warm during the Polar snaps that are recurring in Calgary.



Over the past year getting into a great skin care and beauty routine has been therapeutic if anything for me. I have been constantly seeking out products that will work better and are better for me.

  • On my quest to find the best natural deodorant I came across Routine. This all natural and baking soda free Deodorant smells amazing and does not have any of the harmful chemicals that can cause serious damage to your body. It also works way better than a lot of drugstore deodorants and has lasted forever (over exaggeration, but you get the point).
  • I saw this Toothpaste on a youtube favorites video and decided to try it for myself. Besides the fact that it slights makes me look crazy while brushing my teeth (I’m talking completely black mouth), it actually works better than any whitening toothpaste I have previously tried.
  • This Tatcha Face Wash came to me in trial size initially and I could not believe the wonders it did for my skin. I normally cannot justify the price of something like this but honestly, in my eyes, it is worth every single penny. The only complaint is the dispenser, for $46 it should not be a squeeze top.



This month my goal of reading more was halted with only one book finished and one currently a work in progress. I did, however, love R.H Sin’s new Poetry Book that was gifted to me at Christmas. There is something so rejuvenating about feeding the soul and reflecting back on beautifully written words.


Food & Drink

I have begun to cut out specific foods as I attempt to understand the cause of my migraines (however if I am being completely honest January has been a total fail).

  • This Cacao Powder has been a godsend in adding richness to random things like coffee or my morning smoothie. I also have a list of baking I want to do with this for quick treats during the week.
  • I have been a huge Nespresso fan ever since staying in Budapest where they had a machine in the hotel room. I decided I would splurge on one for myself back in University instead of buying coffee every day (see my logic for that here). Their recent limited edition Coffee has been one I will definitely be sad to see go but am enjoying immensely in the meantime.



While there are many things from the home I loved this month (the shelving in my bathroom that literally makes me smile every time I see it) with apartment modifications and decorating, these two were my top picks.

  • Rye has finally launched a print shop for his best photographs. I could not be more PROUD of him for finally biting the bullet and giving everyone a chance to enjoy his photos beyond Instagram. I purchased a Photography Print from his collection that was taken during our trip to Yellowstone together.
  • As I cannot be in the mountains and forested areas 24/7 having my home smell like trees is the next best thing. This Candle smells exactly like a pine forest and even reminds me of real trees at Christmas (before we switched to the artificial ones).


What were some of your loves through the month of January?



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