Lazy Days


There are definitely those days (or sometimes weeks, maybe months … years?) where nothing seems to go right. This week has been one of them. And what is there to do when you are so emotionally wrapped up in something that your brain is clouded by all logical judgment. Being torn by your heart and brain is a very difficult thing, especially when the gravity of the situation is so large. Call me a delayer of solving problems, but it is during these times I find that laughter is my best cure (mostly because I have a twisted sense of humour) and laying back, relaxing and enjoying time with friends and fam jam. Then I am able to remove myself from the situation and come back with a clear mind and heart. So here are some photos of me in my relaxed state, trying to ignore all life decisions.






Toque: Burton, Shirt: JCrew, Flannel: Winners (from Rye), Ring: St.FX


This may have been the weirdest intro to a clothing post ever… I recognize that, but hey give my brain a break it is not all there right now.


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