Weekend Trio

Happy Tuesday and for all my fellow Canadians out there Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is always one of my favourite holidays because it reminds me to be thankful and grateful for what I have in my life. I am, for the most part, always aware of the amazing things I have been blessed with in my life and do my best to give back to those who have less: whether that be monthly donations, becoming a rematch Santa or simply surprising my loved ones with something special. I am not sure if this year more than most, or the nostalgia of the time spent with family already drifting past, but I am feeling extremely grateful and almost renewed (maybe it was just the extra day off work). Regardless of what it is, I am thankful for so much in my life, both the blessings and the lessons because each one reminds me of what I have and teaches me something that I always need to learn (even if I do not see it at the time).

Falling Leaves in Autumn Fields

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset
Garden Fresh Carrots for Thanksgiving Baking


Lazy Days Spent Relaxing at the Cabin


Fall Flowers that Make Me Smile

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