Coffee Break



Sometimes life can be rough or hit us hard, but it is how we cope and rise above during these times of adversity that teach us the most. We are all icebergs only revealing a portion to the world and each person is fighting a battle harder than we know. Lets all be kind, compassionate and helpful towards our neighbours this week!

Take a break, grab a coffee and enjoy this intermission from the daily grind!

  1. Behind the Scenes look at Sea NY’s Resort Collection
  2. Delicious Recipe for Morning Glory Muffins
  3. Insightful Tips on Optimism During Hardships
  4. Odesza’s Newest Album
  5. The Science Behind the Famous PSL (for those who love them & need an explanation)
  6. A 7 Year Friendship
Images 1, 2, 4, 5,ย 

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